Sunday, April 10, 2022

March- Snow, Hot Pots, and a Birthday!

 March started off with a Zupas Night fundraiser for Riley's school.  Riley LOVES Zupas, so we went to support the fundraiser. :)

We had Riley go wait at our table while we carried the food over, so he took that opportunity to take some secret selfies on my phone. :)

Giant strawberry!

Riley's was even BIGGER!

Todd had a campout with the young men, so Riley and I had a sleepover while he was gone.  It was fun!

Getting ready to go to bed.

I didn't sleep well- this kid was ALL up in my business all night long.

The next day we had some beautiful weather, so we had to take advantage of it.  We played in the front yard before the storm came in.

Hopscotch- it's a new favorite around here!

Todd teaching the young men how to make fires.

Todd in front of the cabin they stayed in. :)

The night Todd got home a HUGE storm came in and dropped a bunch of snow.
Family snow day.  It was really good snow man making snow!

Riley and Todd's first snowman.  They doorbell ditched it on a neighbor friends porch.  Haha.

In true Utah fashion the weather warmed up and the snow melted quickly.  Todd and Riley went Frolfing while I got some stuff done around the house. 
Winding up!

These two are just the cutest buddies.

The rest of the month in Pictures!

We celebrated Pi Day

Playing D&D after dinner is one of our favorite activites.

Riley's D&D disguise.

Todd's D&D disguise. 

Riley is pretty revengeful in his D&D games.. I somehow always end up being the target..haha.

Playing UNO- he is also ruthless for this game. Haha.

St Patrick's Day- Riley's leprechaun trap.

Riley's loot from the leprechaun trap!

Stella getting a bath.  It's not fun for anyone, but it's a necessary thing.

Adventures with friends!

Riley's adventure outfit/face.

Arctic Circle lunch date.  I love this kid!

We love it when our friends come to visit! 

We went to get Hot Pots with some friends in our ward.  It was a first for us!

My pot.  It was SO yummy!

We all loved it.  It was a yummy and fun experience!

Todd made me a peanut butter mousse cake with a choclate ganache.  It was delicious!

Happy birthday to me! 

Here comes April- the end of our celebrations.  We have Riley's birthday, Stella's birthday, and our Anniversary!  Let's do this!

Saturday, March 5, 2022

February- Birthday, Valentines, and Legos!

 Todd's birthday started the month out for us-  he's now 36 years old!  

Birthday Selfie

Riley helping Todd with his presents. 

Lunch at one of our favorite burger places.  Riley and I shared a Peanut Butter Burger- it was divine!

Then of course we went to the arcade.  This is a tradition we've done for the last 9 or 10 years. It's so much fun! 

Next up: Valentine's Day!  I'm not a huge fan, but I try to be a good sport.. haha.  

Riley looking "jazzy" in his valentines glasses (his words.. haha)

We decorate Riley's door every year with hearts and words that describe him.  He LOVES it and even decorated our door on his own.  So cute!

Riley showing off one of the hearts he put on our door.

Stella looking "jazzy". :)

Here's the rest of the month in pictures: 

Whenever I mop Riley HAS to help, so I let him do the bathroom.  It's fun to watch him learn new skills.

Todd took pictures at the theater, then got to stay and watch Hamilton!

I forgot the tablet to keep Riley entertained at work.. Ugh.  It was a long day!

Putting googly eyes on fruit to trick Todd! 

Legos.  Always Legos!

Riley and his creation!

Todd made Riley a haversack to keep his goodies in when we go on adventures!

Getting my physical done so we can update our homestudy!

Tacos!  We have a SUPER yummy taco place by our house.  We go there more often than we should.. haha.

Todd worked for about 9 months at our favorite BBQ place to help out while the owner found employees.  Todd and another employee had their last days in February, so we went to a goodbye party for them.  We love the owner and will DEFINITELY be back to support his business. :)

After the party we went across the street to the library and looked at some books. 

Reading a book while we wait for Todd to be ready to go. :)

March is another birthday month (mine this time! :) ), so we'll have some more celebrations to tell you about next month! :)