Wednesday, July 1, 2020

June 2020- S'mores, Camping, & Nerf Gun Wars

In June we got back into the swing of things a little bit.  Dentist appointments for all three of us and a postponed pediatrician appointment were at the beginning of the month. 

Riley and I at his pediatrician appointment.  Keeping a mask on that kid is hard.  He's really good at keeping it on, but his ears are so soft that it doesn't stay on very well.

At his dentist appointment- no cavities!

Hanging out in the back yard.  Stella looks like a puppy model! 😍

It was super stormy for a few days after we bought our fire pit, so we broke down and did indoor s'mores. 
Todd teaching Riley the fine art of roasting a marshmallow.

S'mores with Reese's peanut butter cups instead of plain chocolate.  Game changer!

Riley and his S'more.  He wanted to keep wiping his hands and face after every bite.. Haha.

Nerf gun war outside.. we just practiced shooting at the garage door.

Finally breaking out the fire pit for S'mores

Back yard hammock snuggles

Todd and Riley camped in the back yard on Father's day weekend.  They had fun, but didn't get much sleep.  Riley LOVED it!

Riley's last day of preschool was technically a while ago, but we finally got his last day of school picture.  It'll be interesting to see what next school year looks like!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

May 2020- Yard projects, polished toes, and masked outings

May wasn't too eventful at our house.  We spent a LOT of time together, and lots of time finishing up our big yard project.

A family in our neighborhood gave us a BUNCH of bricks in April that we wanted to use for a couple of yard projects.  I didn't realize how labor intensive those projects were going to be, but it is so nice to have that over!

In our back yard, there was a lower wooden deck that was starting to rot and fall apart.  So we decided to rip that out and replace it with the brick pavers.

Riley was such a good little helper!  He helped remove the nails (with supervision of course).  He loved using the hammer to get those nails out!

There were a bunch of creatures under the old deck- spiders, snails, earwigs, etc.  It was definitely an adventure discovering the ecosystem we had under there!

Todd ripping out the old deck

The start of the new patio! It was slow progress, but very rewarding!
Riley showing off our brick collection

Riley practicing his mechanic skills on the wagon

Todd got Riley a tiny little tape measure on one of our MANY trips to Lowe's.  Riley loved having a tool of his own to measure everything.  

The finished project!  It turned out so well- and we've already used it so much more than the old deck!

In May we finally moved Riley to forward-facing in his car seat (he didn't even hit the height/weight limits- I think he'd be in kindergarten if we waited for those limits.. haha). 

A lazy lady of reading and eating popcorn

Oh man, this kid.  He got his fingers stuck in a nerf gun.  Like, really stuck.  We were so close to taking him to the urgent care, but thank goodness Todd was able to get his fingers out.  It was definitely a learning experience for Riley.

Summer haircut!

Hanging out at Wheeler Farm on a cool Sunday afternoon.  These two are just the cutest!

Every year we try to make it over to the cemetery to show our respect for Todd's family members that are buried there.  We were able to meet up with Todd's sisters and cousin that live nearby and spend some time together and remember those that have passed on.  It's a pretty special time, and I love hearing the stories about those family members of theirs that I didn't get a chance to meet. 

Todd telling Riley about Grandpa Anderson

Just some other random pictures from May:

Riley wearing goggles while he fixes his dinosaurs.  It's my favorite!

Our first outing as a masked family to Jamba Juice.  These are some weird times we're living in right now!

Todd and Riley  playing a matching game.   

Sunday, May 3, 2020

April 2020- Quarantine continued, 2 birthdays, and lots of yard projects!

April was a LONG month, but we were still able to have a lot of fun! :) We spent a lot of time outside doing some yard projects in the beautiful spring weather.  We're trying to get our yard into better shape so we can enjoy it this summer!

At the beginning of the month Riley and I drove down to take my parents a treat and to visit for a little bit- while social distancing of course.  It was so good to see them, even though we had to maintain our 6+ foot distance and stay outside. :)

During General Conference we busted out the Lego's to try to keep Riley entertained- which also kept Todd entertained. 

Showing off their creation!

We also built Riley a fort downstairs so he could play in there.  It was a huge hit and he loved having his own little space to play. :)

We also celebrated Riley's birthday, Stella's birthday, and our 11 year anniversary within a few days of each other.  We tried to make Riley's birthday as special as we could (while being in lockdown/quarantine), so we decorated with his Mario decorations from last year, blew up a bunch of balloons, and were ready to celebrate hard all day!
Rainbow pancakes for breakfast- it's Riley's favorite breakfast and he loves it when I add botterscotch chips in.  Not healthy, but a fun birthday breakfast!

My ghetto attempt at Mario themed cupcakes.  🤣

4. Years. Old!

We coordinated a  Zoom birthday party with Riley's birth family, and both sides of our family.  It was awesome to see everyone's faces and Riley LOVED having their attention!

Playing with one of his birthday presents.  He's really into following instructions right now, so he loves taking these cook dinosaurs apart and following the instructions to put them back together.  He's getting so big and smart- it blows my mind how much he's learning ever day!

Riley insisted that we sing happy birthday and make Stella's birthday special- so we went with it!  She got a hot dog with a candle in it while we sang 'Happy Birthday', wore the birthday crown, and got lots of loves that day!  It was our anniversary that day too, but we just spent the day in the yard working on projects.  It was a nice day spent as a family!💗

Easter was pretty chill this year.  The Easter Bunny did find our house, even during a pandemic!  And our neighbor kids hid eggs for Riley in our front yard.  It was so cute seeing how excited he was while looking for eggs!
Checking out the egg contents.

Paints from Todd's parents.  This kid loves some good crafting!

 Riley's preschool teacher emails out activities to do every week.  One week it was learning about animals- both pets and zoo animals.  One of the activities was to open your own pet store with stuffed animals, name them, and have a price on each one.  Riley was super excited!
Riley's Pet Store- Now Open!

Some of the animals and their name tags.  I wrote whatever he said he wanted to name them, and he chose the price.  It was fun!

This one is my FAVORITE.  I seriously laughed for the rest of the day.  Tigerrhea! 🤣🤣

Riley's preschool class has also been having weekly Zoom show and tell.  It's so fun to see what the other kids bring, and hear the chaos that his teacher deals with... Hahah.

The rest of this post will just be some random outdoor activities and projects we've been doing. :)

Riley and Todd snuggling.  So cute!

Some of our beautiful tulips.  I forget how beautiful they are!  I wish they bloomed all year long.

Showing off the stump I dug/chopped out.  It was a pretty rewarding project!

Backyard hammock snuggles/shenanigans.

Another one of our projects- putting pavers under the window in our front yard.  We bought some big pots and planted herbs in them.  We're going to try our hand at an herb garden.  Wish us luck!

Getting stuff done!

Hopefully all of our hard work in the yard will pay off and we'll be able to enjoy our yard this summer!  We love getting projects done as a family- it's so rewarding!  We still have a few projects we want to get done, so I'm sure there will be more pictures to show in May.